Get Ready for the General Assembly! Get Involved!

The Maryland Podiatric Medical Association is your legislative voice in the Maryland General Assembly.  The MPMA works all year to educate legislators and their staff about podiatric medicine, education and training, and podiatry’s important role in patient care.  During the legislative session from January to April, MPMA and its lobbyists monitor the bills that are introduced, attend hearings and meet with legislators.  It is important for all Maryland podiatrists to have a relationship with their Senators and Delegates.  To find out who represents you or your practice area, you can visit the APMA State Advocacy site and click on the eAdvocacy link.  Your involvement in the legislative process is critical to the success of our organization.   It is always important that every member contact their Senator and Delegates to remind them of the importance of podiatric care to their constituents and to offer your expertise. In view of the current atmosphere regarding the Affordable Care Act and the systems for insuring health care, we anticipate that there will be major discussions and probably many bills introduced in the upcoming General Assembly.

MPMA continues the effort to find a solution to the residency issue that Maryland has faced for several years, and to assure that the scope of podiatric practice in the State of Maryland reflects the full extent of each podiatrist’s education and training. Encourage your hospital to establish a podiatric residency program.

You should also phone-call and email Capitol Hill urging that your elected officials join as cosponsors of the HELLPP Act in Congress. You can access the current sponsors on the APMA website at Staying current on these issues and being in contact with your representatives in the federal and state government is the best way to continue the path toward full parity for podiatric medicine.